What We Do

Third Eye Family Therapy Family Counseling Services

Third Eye Family Therapy Services has counseling services for individuals, couples, and families. Services are provided in our comfortable and private atmosphere by one of our professional licensed marriage and family therapists and licensed professional counselors and social workers. Our therapists have the expertise to treat all ages and ethnic groups.

Third Eye Family Therapy Talk Service

We offer a unique communication service for divorced and separated families to encourage communication. Exchanges amongst parents are carefully assessed and relayed to the involved parties for communicational calibration techniques. This service will hint our therapist to the type of counseling technique will best suit your situation and targets the problem for a certain long-term solution that is particular to your family.

Third Eye Family Therapy Success Initiative

We believe that in order to change the individual’s immediate outcome is to educate them. We employ counseling to resolve the economic struggles that many families are subject to. With this knowledge, we use local social programs in conjunction with junior colleges and universities to provide our clients with establishing long-term goals.